News and events

Report on the final conference

The final conference of the Eurasian Empires programme took place from 15 to 17 June 2016 in Leiden. The conference concluded a five-year research programme in which nine researchers worked on their own specific projects within the programme’s Eurasian scope, transcending borders by bringing together the histories of distant regions.

Mongol coins in Ashmoleum Museum

The Ashmoleum Museum in Oxford is currently hosting the exhibition 'Pax Mongolica (1210–1350) - Coins of the Mongol Empire'. The exhibition was organised in collaboration with Eurasian Empires researcher Marie Favereau.

Workshop 'Nomadic Empires'

On 24 February, Marie Favereau participated in the Workshop 'Nomadic Empires' in Aberystwyth, Wales. Here she presented a paper entitled 'The Horde and the Surrounding World'.

Conference 'Dynasty and Dynasticism'

Eurasian Empires researchers Liesbeth Geevers and Jeroen Duindam will participate in the conference 'Dynasty and Dynasticism, 1400-1700' at Somerville College, University of Oxford. The conference will take place from 16-18 March.

Pearls on a String

From 8 November 2015 through 31 January 2016 the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore presents the exhibition 'Pearls on a String: Artists, Patrons, and Poets at the Great Islamic Courts'. Willem Flinterman contributed to the accompanying publication with a chapter on the Mamluk sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad, which he wrote with Jo Van Steenbergen (Ghent University).

'Global Nodes, Global Orders' - Oxford Conference

From 25 to 27 June, the conference 'Global Nodes, Global Orders' took place in Oxford. This inaugural conference the kick-off for the 'Global Nodes, Global Orders'-project, which attempts to historicize and re-conceptualise globalization, bring the key disciplines together, and better understand its intimate mechanics and implications for the present. Jos Gommans is involved in this project, and Marie Favereau spoke at the inaugural conference.

Biography of Willem III

This May, Peter Rietbergen's new Dutch-language biography of William III (1650-1702) was published by Bekking & Blitz Publishers. The book's full title translates as ' William III (1650-1702). Stadtholder and king in a European context ' (Willem III (1650-1702), Stadhouder en koning in Europese context).

Jeroen Duindam at KNIR

From 27 to 29 May, Jeroen Duindam will participate in a conference at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR). The conference is themed 'Political Communication in the Medieval World, 800-1600'.

Richard van Leeuwen joins the Eurasian Empire Programme

Dr. Richard van Leeuwen, lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Amsterdam, has joined the Eurasian Empires programme as a researcher. He will study representations of kingship and royal authority in fictional texts, with particular attention for the famous Arabic story cycle A Thousand and One Nights.

Cumhur Bekar at Chicago Conference

Cumhur Bekar will speak at the 30th Annual Middle East History and Theory (MEHAT) Conference at the University of Chicago (1-2 May 2015). He will deliver a paper entitled 'Remembering Violence, Forgetting Consultation: The Image of Murad IV in Şehen-Şeh-Name-i Muradi (ca.1638)'.