About the Eurasian Empires program

Our program brings together a team of senior researchers based in three Dutch universities: Leiden, Amsterdam (UvA) and Nijmegen. Together they coach eight researchers who each focus on a specific project within the program’s overall scope, covering Europe, West Asia, South Asia and East Asia.

Bridging the gap

Worldmap Ptolemy, 15th century

Worldmap Ptolemy, 15th century

While the projects take shape on the basis of specific language expertise and the study of primary sources, researchers define joint themes and produce joint papers. In this way the program as a whole seeks to bridge the gap between approaches of global history distant from sources and languages and the specialized studies of regional experts.

This program explicitly aims to bring together researchers from many institutions and disciplines: our current group is a starting point only for this process, and we cordially invite those interested to join us.

Last Modified: 23-07-2014