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Drieluik in Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis

In het laatste nummer van Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis publiceren prof.dr. Beatrice de Graaf, Coreline Boot MA en drs. Constant Hijzen een drieluik over hun VIDI-onderzoek 'Enemies of the State. Historicizing security'.

What are we afraid of?

The history of security in thought and policymaking Our society is stable. We have not been at war for decades and yet we seem more afraid of a suspicious suitcase than thirty years ago when terrorist attacks actually occurred. How can this be explained? Beatrice de Graaf does historical research on the development of the way we think about security.


Historicizing Security: Enemies of the State, 1813-present

The research project ‘Historicizing Security: Enemies of the State, 1813-present’ investigates the construction of the National Security State after 1945 as a coherent system of institutions, instruments, measures and ideas concerning national security threats and interests. We focus on the Netherlands, but draw comparisons to the United States, (West-)Germany, the United Kingdom and, incidentally, to other relevant countries.