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Source publications

Dutch sources on South Asia

Dutch Sources on South Asia, c. 1600-1825 is a series dedicated to the sources that have been produced by people connected to the Dutch East India Company or VOC (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie) and its successors. The main objective of this series is to make these often extremely rich and rare sources accessible to a wider, English-reading public. The first three volumes offer detailed research guides to archival collections as well as other published and unpublished materials in the Netherlands, Europe, South Asia, Indonesia and elsewhere. In subsequent volumes, scholars transcribe and translate selected unpublished texts with relevance to a particular South Asian region or theme. In these cases, each volume provides a critical edition of the original Dutch texts that is accompanied by an introduction, a full English translation, a bibliography, an index and other research aids.

Editors:          Lennart Bes, Jos Gommans, Gijs Kruijtzer, Alicia Schrikker
Publisher:       Manohar Publishers and Distributors, Delhi

Volumes published or scheduled so far: 

1     Jos Gommans, Lennart Bes and Gijs Kruijtzer, Bibliography and Archival Guide to the National Archives at The Hague (The Netherlands). Published 2001 (ISBN 81-7304-384-1).

2     Lennart Bes, Archival Guide to the Repositories in The Netherlands other than the National Archives, 508 pp. Published 2007 (ISBN 81-7304-711-1).

3     Lennart Bes and Gijs Kruijtzer, Archival Guide to Repositories outside The Netherlands. Forthcoming 2013. 

4     Markus Vink, Mission to Madurai. Dutch Embassies to the Nayaka Court of Madurai in the Seventeenth Century. Published 2012 (ISBN 978-81-7304-931-6). 

5     Carolien Stolte, Philip Angel’s Deex-Autaers: Vaisnava mythology from manuscript to book market in the context of the Dutch East India Company, ca.1600-1672. Published 2012 (ISBN 978-81-7304-932-3).

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