Foundation Year

Information about the foundation year.

The foundation year invites students to use Dutch primary sources for the study of Asian and African history. During this year the students are trained in reading and analyzing Dutch sources through an intensive language program. History classes introduce them to dilemmas and possibilities when working with colonial sources and discuss the kind of histories that can be written by using these sources. Through tutorials and seminars they are given the opportunity to enhance their general research skills. Students develop a global outlook in their studies thanks to an intensive exposure to a variety of historical traditions from all over the globe and of course through the experience of working in an international class room.

Students can participate in the foundation year at two levels. The BA-plus track will provide students with the necessary training to successfully participate in the MA or Research MA programs in History of European Expansion and Globalisation, Archival Studies or (from 2013) Cultural Heritage. The MA-plus track allows students to prepare for their PhD research.

Diagram foundation year.

Last Modified: 11-04-2013