Since 2008 we have had over 55 MA and Research MA graduations, with many more to come. Please find some examples of their research projects below.

BA Graduation Ceremony 2014

 On Wednesday 22 October 2014 eight Encompass students received their BA diploma.

BA graduates

After completion of the Foundation Year, the Encompass students obtain a BA degree in History.

Johny A. Khusyairi - Making ‘the past’ Meaningful: The Representation of Coen’s, Daendels’ and van Heutsz’s Monuments in the Netherlands and the Netherlands Indies (Indonesia)

The representation of individuals by means of monuments both in the Netherlands and Indonesia reflects the appreciation of both nations of their past and how they seek to represent it to the present or perhaps to the future as well. This study examines how the Dutch and the Indonesians deal with the past as reflected in the monuments.