Welcome to Cosmopolis

Cosmopolis (2012-2017) unites several research and educational programmes into one community. It is attached to the department of Colonial and Global History at the Institute for History of Leiden University. As a schoarly community, it follows in the footsteps of the TANAP (1999-2006) and ENCOMPASS (2006-2012) programmes that were executed from 1999 onward.


Cosmopolis represents a common endeavour of Leiden University and the National Archives at The Hague to extend the accessibility and study of all Dutch sources pertaining to Asia by deepening the cooperation with Asian universities, archives and local cultural institutions.

Cosmopolis seeks to explore the transnational and cultural dimensions of intra-Eurasian encounters through Dutch sources. This starts from the recognition that political, social-economic, ethnic and religious processes in Eurasia were moulded by global connections through the highly cosmopolitan middle-ground of long-distance networks and port cities.

Cosmopolis functions as a research community. This includes regular seminars and lectures at Leiden, as well as an annual conference convened in Asia. Cosmopolis further organizes visits to archives, museums and libraries, as well as social events.


Graduate students across the world are invited to join Cosmopolis and to participate at the following four academic levels:

1. The Cosmopolis Foundation Year (one year)
2. Master (MA) in Colonial and Global History or Archival Sciences (one year)
3. Research-Master (RMA) in Colonial and Global History (two years)
4. PhD in History (three/four years)

Students may apply for entry at all four levels. They will be selected on the basis of their academic record, their research and language skills, their motivation and their prospects to receive funding (for details see, Application and Scholarships). Students who aim to work with Dutch-language sources should have successfully completed the Foundation Year before entering the MA, RMA and PhD-tracks. The Foundation Year cannot be an end in itself and can only be the first step toward an MA, RMA or PhD degree. Applicants for the Foundation Year should clearly indicate in which of the three following programmes they wish to proceed and how this will be funded.


Students may apply for the following scholarship programmes:

1. ENCOMPASS for the Cosmopolis Foundation Year
2. Crayenborgh Scholarship for MA (after completion of the Foundation Year)
3. LUF for PhD
4. DIKTI for PhD
5. Erasmus Mundus IBIES for MA and Staff exchanges (non-degree)

Last Modified: 04-08-2014