Key notes

Key notes will be presented by prof.dr. Glenda Sluga (University of Sydney) and prof.dr. Adam Fairclough (University of Leiden). The key notes are open to the public. Particiation in the workshops: please contact the coordinator of the theme of your choice.

Workshops and Abstracts

The conference program consists of two plenary keynote lectures and paper presentations during workshop sessions (circa 10 persons per session). Presenters of accepted papers are asked to speak 15 minutes, followed by a discussion under the supervision of a session chair. There are nine different panels, organising three sessions each during the conference.

Call for Papers: Deadline 1 September 2015

From 14 - 16 January 2016 the research group Political Cultures and National Identities of Leiden University Institute for History will organize the conference "Reconsidering Democracy and the Nation State in a Global Perspective". We invite you to submit a paper proposal for the conference. Deadline submission of abstracts: 1 September 2015