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27 & 28 November International Conference 'Crime and Gender 1600-1900, comparative perspectives'

Historians and criminologists have often assumed that gender differences in recorded crime were static over time and that women were in general less likely to commit crime than men. Given the evidence of high female crime rates in the past, there is a need for a long-term and comparative historical approach to crime and gender. This conference aims at developing comparative historical studies that will help explaining gender differences in crime in various settings, within and beyond Europe.

Jo Tollebeek geeft Huizingalezing 2015

Op vrijdag 11 december vindt de 44ste Huizingalezing plaats. De lezing wordt dit jaar gegeven door Vlaamse hoogleraar Cultuurgeschiedenis Jo Tollebeek. Tollebeek zal in 'De paarden van Waterloo' vertellen over de iconen van de Slag bij Waterloo uit 1815. "De paarden van Waterloo tonen het verleden in al zijn bruutheid: in zijn concreetheid en tastbaarheid, rauw en kwetsbaar."