How to find a PhD supervisor

Finding the right supervisor is a key element in the process of obtaining a doctorate. As early as possible, you should establish contact with a prospective supervisor. Turn to the Institute of your choice for help. They will bring you into contact with a supervisor.

PhD supervision teams will consist of two supervisors. Both must hold a doctorate, and one must hold the rank of full professor. If a supervisor is willing to undertake supervision but is not a full professor, s/he will contact a full professor on your behalf. Depending on the needs of your project, supervision can involve scholars from different Institutes, other Faculties, and, exceptionally, other Universities.

A supervisor has to confirm that s/he is willing to accept you as a candidate (promovendus) before any further steps can be taken.

For general information about the admission procedures, please see Admission Procedure.

Last Modified: 09-12-2015