Current PhD candidates

Leiden University has put together a programme intended to assist you in your development as a future researcher. As there are many courses available, it is wise to discuss with your supervisor which courses to take.

There are several regulations that may be of importance to you during your PhD research.

Preparing for the defence ceremony

When after four years or more, you have finished your dissertation, it is time to prepare for the defence procedure. You need to fill out several forms (nrs. 3-9) before the ceremony.
The entire procedure leading up to the defence has been extensively described.

Download the Procedure document (in Duch) : Procedureoverzicht Promotietraject Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen (Promotiereglement).

Post-PhD phase

You have earned your title, and then? PhD candidates are encouraged to start thinking about job prospects well before defending their dissertation.
If you wish to continue as an academic researcher there are several options to attain funding.

Last Modified: 09-12-2015