A word from the Dean

Leiden University Graduate School for Humanities

Leiden University offers advanced degrees spanning the humanities, including the creative and performing arts. The School’s field of activity also includes area studies, linguistics, philology, literary theory, history, art history, philosophy and religious studies.

Doctoral education available in these disciplines emphasizes original and independent scholarship, with a high level of engagement between distinguished faculty and outstanding students. The six institutes within the Graduate School foster a community of scholars and degree programs with demonstrated success in educating Ph.D.-students for careers in academia, government, and other sectors.

On this website, current and prospective Ph.D.-students, faculty, staff and alumni will find news of activities, academic opportunities, available resources, and essential policies and procedures.

prof.dr. H.W. (Wim) van den Doel

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Last Modified: 09-12-2015