Second CD of docARTES alumna Inês d'Avena's La Cicala released

Recorded in May 2015 with a trio, this new album presents the first recording of a handful of recorder sonatas copied in Naples in 1759. Added to these are two other works, also previously unrecorded, stemming from the Harrach collection now held in New York, as well as the little known “Le Quattro Stagioni Del Anno” by Francesco Durante for harpsichord solo.

La Cicala, founded in 2011 by Inês d'Avena, is devoted to exploring the uncharted works from the Neapolitan Baroque repertoire. The ensemble takes its name from the cicada, the ‘singing’ insect associated with summer evenings in southern Europe and which has symbolized resurrection and immortality, spiritual realization and ecstasy since early times. Favorites of the Greeks, the cicadas were regarded as the ancient artists, lyrical messengers of the Muses and particularly associated with music and eloquence.

Last Modified: 19-10-2015