Itandehui Jansen Doctoral Degree

ACPA researcher and filmmaker Itandehui Jansen will publicly defend her thesis:

‘Finding one’s own voice as an Indigenous Filmmaker’

on Wednesday 7 October at 16.15, at the Academiegebouw Leiden, Rapenburg 73.

On Tuesday 6 October between 16.00 hrs and 19.00 hrs a series of films that constitute the artistic outcome of her research project will be publicly screened at Museum Volkenkunde, Research Centre for Material Culture (Gerbrands lecture room), Steenstraat 1, Leiden.

Brief description of her research project

Jansen’s PhD research focused on both practice and theory of Accented Cinema, with a particular interest in strategies of cinematic self-representation by marginalised groups.

"In this research project I examine the ‘Voice’ of the filmmaker from a political and aesthetic perspective. Within film practice an own ‘Voice’ refers mainly to the aesthetic style of a filmmaker. Within the field of postcolonial studies ‘Voice’ is related to the access that subjects have to the production of discourse. Movies and other media can be seen in this context as a form of discourse. For Indigenous filmmakers both concepts of ‘Voice’ are important. This study explores the way in which Indigenous filmmakers, particularly from Latin America, express their ‘Voice’ politically as well as aesthetically in their films. The project consists of scholarly research and practice-based research and therefore includes several films."

Screening programme

The screening is open to the public, attendance is free. The films will be shown in the Gerbrands Lecture room, located on the first floor of the Research Centre for Material Culture, the first building to the left of the main entrance of the Volkenkunde Museum, starting at 16.00 hrs.


  • El Rebozo de mi Madre (My Mother’s  Rebozo)
    Documentary / 60 minutes / Mexico 2006

A filmmaker returns to her home land, an indigenous village in Mexico and reflects on the passing of time.

>Brief Intermission<

  • Yaavi (Agave)
    Documentary / 20 minutes / Mexico 2015

The elder couple Erasmo and Esperanza continue to lead a traditional life style in rural Mexico. When one takes a living being for consumption, one has to ask for permission first. That is the way of the ancestors. 


  • El Último Consejo (The Last Council)
    Fiction / 12 minutes / Mexico 2012

A change of authorities takes place in a traditional indigenous village. As part of the ceremony the money in the village treasury is carefully counted. The next day the money has disappeared.

  • Alma y Esperanza
    Fiction / 17 minutes / Mexico 2012

Separated by language and culture, a young girl falls under the care of the grandmother she has never met. 


  • Bouleversement
    Fiction/ 15 minutes / Mexico, Netherlands, U.K. 2015

Runaway teenager Sophie tries to find her way back home to her mother.

The supervising team consists of:

Prof. Dr. Kitty Zijlmans - Leiden University
Dr. Charlotte Gleghorn - University of Edinburgh

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