Hafez Ismaili m'Hamdi lectured at 'Nacht van Kunst en Kennis'

Drs. Hafez Ismaili m'Hamdi, one of ACPA's teachers, lectured at the 'Nacht van Kunst en Kennis' on Saturday 19 September 2015. He was invited to talk about the topic of his popular elective course, What is music? The role of music in society through history, ‘From Plato to Pussy Riot’. Hafez is researcher at Erasmus MC and studied both philosophy and music.

His lecture discussed the following:

'"Without music, life would be a mistake.”

This thought, in its reduced quote form, can often be read on Facebook or in other spaces in which we share profound trivialities with each other. But this quote has good reason for quotation. Music accompanies, inspires and comforts us. A life without music might very well be a mistake, but is life without music even imaginable? Eating, drinking, shopping, protesting, working out, waiting, dancing and romancing are activities we often engage in while music is playing. Music is a big part of our society and also a mirror of that society. In our iPods dwell our musical selves. But how individual is that self? We download more than we can listen to, with our voracious computers - is that valuable, is it an expression of freedom, or do we servilely comply with an unsatiable digital craving? This lecture dives deep into the relationship between humanity and music.'

Day: Saturday 19 September
Time: 23:15 hrs
Location: Gebr. de Nobel, Marktsteeg 4-8, Leiden

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Last Modified: 13-10-2015