News and events

Upcoming Promotions

Within the upcoming months of November and December, a number of docARTES PhD researchers are finishing their trajectories and hoping to carry out their doctoral promotions.

ACPA Professor Reinbert de Leeuw in “Zomergasten”

On August 10 ACPA Professor, pianist, composer and conductor Reinbert de Leeuw was a guest in the Dutch television program ‘Zomergasten’.  In this program, that is broadcasted only during the summer months, Dutch public figures are invited for a three hour interview on the basis of video fragments chosen by themselves.

New Issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies

In September, the eighth issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies will be online, dealing with sounds and/from outer space. JSS8 contains an exclusive interview with Douglas Kahn, author of Earth Sound Earth Signal (University of California Press, 2013) and an audio-visual art work by Swedish experimental composer Karl-Birger Blomdahl, called Altisonans.