Programmes Classics and Ancient Civilizations

Programme Assyriology

Graduates of the one-year Master’s programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Assyriology are ideally suited to pursue junior research positions both in academic and semi-academic working environments. They are fully trained academics, capable of solving research problems independently and in a critical and creative manner, as well as reporting on the results of their research convincingly, both orally and in writing. In the course of the programme, they acquire a complete overview of the language, culture and archaeology of the chosen area within Mesopotamia or Anatolia, at the level required for a one-year master’s graduate.

Programme Classics

The Master programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Classics is a one year-programme, which gives students a diverse and well-balanced view of Graeco-Roman antiquity. Together with classes on the cultural-historical disciplines (Ancient Philosophy and Ancient History), courses on Greek and (Renaissance) Latin literature and linguistics form the core of the programme. All students participate in the core course Classics Now! A seminar focusing on the relevance of the study of Classics and discussing current issues in modern society while applying ancient texts as ‘tools for thinking’.

Programme Egyptology

The Master programme Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Egyptology is a one-year programme that covers most of the linguistic and cultural history of Pharaonic, Graeco-Roman and Coptic Egypt. All students visit excavations and research projects in Egypt and will learn about the department’s own field and research projects, including excavations at Saqqara and the Dakhla Oasis. The staff members co-operate with fellow researchers from universities and research institutes from various countries on project topics covering: Egyptian art history, Egyptian archaeology, Egyptian religion, Coptic Egypt, Social and economic history of Ancient Egypt. The wide-ranging research activities form an integral part of the educational programme.

Programme Hebrew and Aramaic Studies

The Master programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Hebrew and Aramaic Studies is a one-year programme, which gradually leads to the development of specific research skills. This specialisation uniquely offers a thorough education in Hebrew and Aramaic in various language phases, which may be studied from a linguistic, socio-religious or historical context. Other Northwest Semitic languages, often preserved in epigraphic texts, are also offered.