Master's thesis procedure

Are your working on your Master's thesis? Please note that there is a procedure concerning the thesis supervision and handing in the thesis.

Thesis application form

The Board of Examiners has to approve of the thesis plan and the thesis supervisor. The Board is also responsible for appointing a (independent) second reader. Therefore, students are required to hand in the Thesis application form to the Board of Examiners. Students planning to graduate in August, have to submit the form before 15 March at the latest. In case of graduation after the first semester, students have to submit the form before 15 October at the latest.

Handing in the Thesis and Student Repository

Students are required to hand in two paper versions: one for the supervisor and one for the second reader.

At the same time students also have to submit the final version of their MA thesis via Turnitin in order to check the thesis for plagiarism. Therefore, we ask our students, when you hand in the paper versions to your supervisor, also to upload your final version via Turnitin on the following Blackboard page: MA Thesis Classics and Ancient Civilizations, code: 5864VMA-0000FGW.

Please also read the information about the Student Repository.

MA Thesis Regulations

Regulations concerning the procedure surrounding the Master’s thesis are determined by the faculty Humanities. The theses of the Research Master and the Master Classics and Ancient Civilizations have a maximum of 25.000 and 20.000 words respectively (1000 per EC) includes footnotes, bibliography, images and attachments.