Leiden University diploma highly valuable on the international labour market

Times Higher Education recently published its annual Global Employability University Ranking (2015). This ranking consists of the world’s top 150 universities (as ranked by Times Higher Education).  This year, Leiden University takes the 104th spot on the list. This is an improvement compared to last year, when Leiden University was ranked 123rd.

Diploma value

The Global Employability University Ranking reveals a lot about the value of a diploma on the international labour market. The research was designed and commissioned by the French HR consulting agency Emerging and was carried out by the German market research firm Trendence. The ranking was created from the votes of 2,200 recruiters and 2,400 managing directors of international companies or subsidiaries from 21 countries.  They were asked to answer questions about the ideal attributes of graduates and universities, and also to select which institutions they thought produced the best recruits.

Leiden scores high

Leiden University performs very well in comparison to other Dutch universities in the top 150. Only universities that are business and technology orientated, such as Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Eindhoven University of Technology perform better. You can view the entire list on the Times Higher Education website.

Last Modified: 17-12-2015