Job Market Café Master’s Open Day: Winner of the job market quiz!

At the Master’s Open Day that took place on the 10th of March, dozens of visitors participated in the Job Market Quiz in the Job Market Café. The visitors answered questions about finding a first job and the activities you can do during your studies to positively influence the chances of finding the right job.

Leiden University diploma highly valuable on the international labour market

Times Higher Education recently published its annual Global Employability University Ranking (2015). This ranking consists of the world’s top 150 universities (as ranked by Times Higher Education).  This year, Leiden University takes the 104th spot on the list. This is an improvement compared to last year, when Leiden University was ranked 123rd.

A special part-time job: Susanne is vice president of the Youth Parliament for Water

Student of International Studies Susanne Reitsma has a remarkable passion: water. In April 2015, she was elected vice president of the World Youth Parliament for Water, in which capacity she works for worldwide access to clean drinking water and sanitation. What does Suzanne find so special about water? And what is it like to combine a vice presidency with her studies? We asked her five questions.

Students participate in consultancy projects

Third year students of the BA degree programme International Studies had the great opportunity to participate in consultancy projects for a wide range of companies as part of the course Practising International Studies.

Headhunter in Japan

Both during his bachelor’s and his master’s in Japanese Studies, Jeroen Strijbosch spent a lot of time in Japan. “I wound up with my current job through my network. I’m a recruiter, a headhunter with The Ingenium Group, in Tokyo, Japan. Our clients are growing international corporations in Japan, who due to this growth are looking for talented bilingual staff, usually at management level, but also for mid-level people. You have to actively search for talented people; they’re often not looking for work themselves.”

Job market café: the winner of the bingo is…

During the Leiden University Open Day on Saturday November 8, hundreds of school pupils who came to find out about Leiden’s Bachelor's programmes as History, English, Japanese or Philosophy played our Job Market bingo. 

An inspired museum director: student Anne Kremers

Anne Kremers (1989) still has to complete her thesis in Art History, but she is already director of a museum. After following an internship at Villa Mondriaan, in September 2013 she took over the position of the oldest museum director of the Netherlands, becoming in the process the youngest museum director of the Netherlands.

Sign up now for the Humanities Career Event on 9 April 2015!

Join us on Thursday 9 April (no classes!) from 12.30 hrs in the afternoon onwards for the Humanities Career Event (in the Arsenal). You will be introduced to national and international organisations and companies. You will discover interesting professions and make useful network contacts. You can also attend workshops and presentations by organisations such as the NOS, the Student Career Service, China Ways, De Kleine Consultant and translation agency Wilkens and partners.

Leiden Humanities alumni score higher on job perspectives

The 2013 University Education Monitor, a national survey among master’s and doctoral graduates from Dutch universities, indicates that the Leiden Humanities alumni of 2011-2012 scored better on job perspectives than the national average of all language and culture study programmes.

“A PhD turned out to be a logical follow-on”

When Sun Yuan was awarded her Master’s in Dutch Studies in 2010, she was keen on finding work that was directly related to Dutch language and culture. After scouting out the job market in China, her country of origin, and talking to her thesis adviser, Sun Yuan’s best option proved to be a PhD. 

Winner of the Job Market Quiz!

During the Master’s Information Day we organised a quiz at the Job Market Café, with questions like ‘Which study components have the biggest effect on your career?’ Maybe you took part? If so, thanks for your input. And the winner is: Esmee! Congratulations! The dinner cheque is on its way to you.

Register for the Humanities Career Event 2015

Still don't know what you want to do in the future? You might be hesitating about doing that internship, because you can’t see how you can fit it into your already hectic timetable? Or maybe, like many other students, you just want to explore the world after your studies first?

“It’s smart to look ahead”

On Friday, enthusiastic students went in droves to the Arsenaal building. The reason? Shopping for master’s programmes during the Master’s Information Day! Not only did the potential master’s students receive information about the various programmes the Humanities Faculty has to offer, but they also had their (Polaroid) pictures taken and chatted with professors, graduates, and Loes Nordlohne, our student career advisor.

Humanities and social sciences graduates written off?

It’s barely possible to open a newspaper without reading about the growing rate of unemployment, which is particularly, and alarmingly, high among the younger generation. Unemployment is also increasingly hitting highly educated young people. Does this mean that recent humanities and social sciences graduates are all but written off, or can they still create new opportunities for themselves?

Open Day for pupils: do the quiz and you could win a laptop!

Are you thinking of studying History, International Studies or a language and culture programme, such as Dutch, English or Japanese? If so, come to the Open Day on Saturday 1 February at the Faculty of Humanities. It’s your opportunity to find out more about the programmes, and what’s the best way to prepare for studying.