Job opportunities

Headhunter in Japan

Both during his bachelor’s and his master’s in Japanese Studies, Jeroen Strijbosch spent a lot of time in Japan. “I wound up with my current job through my network. I’m a recruiter, a headhunter with The Ingenium Group, in Tokyo, Japan. Our clients are growing international corporations in Japan, who due to this growth are looking for talented bilingual staff, usually at management level, but also for mid-level people. You have to actively search for talented people; they’re often not looking for work themselves.”

A career in real estate consultancy

History student Mark von Weiler was offered an internship through his network. This led him straight to the career he wanted! You can do the same: read this article and follow the tips from the career adviser.

Fundraiser in the cultural sector

In the summer of 2012 Bo Peters received her diploma in Art History, and at the same time found an experience internship position at De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. "The project leader of the Nieuwe Kerk introduced me at the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra| Netherlands Chamber Orchestra (NedPhO|NKO). When a position of fundraiser opened up, I was hired for the job.”

“A PhD turned out to be a logical follow-on”

When Sun Yuan was awarded her Master’s in Dutch Studies in 2010, she was keen on finding work that was directly related to Dutch language and culture. After scouting out the job market in China, her country of origin, and talking to her thesis adviser, Sun Yuan’s best option proved to be a PhD.