Job market study

In 2016 the Student Career Service conducted a study among students who graduated between January 2012 and December 2015. We found out that it doesn’t take our students very long to find a job.

On average, 71% found a job within two months after their graduation. 74% immediately found a job on academic or hbo level (hbo is a Dutch type of university for professional education). It took 18% between two and six months to find a job and 10% needed more than half a year.

Work experience

The job market is constantly changing, but studies in recent years have shown clearly that relevant work experience has a positive influence on career satisfaction. Work experience can be in the form of an internship, a part-time job or a year spent as a board member. Alumni with internship experience are more likely to find the job that they are looking for (56%) than alumni who do not have such experience (48%). Alumni with relevant work are 56% more likely to find the job that they are looking for compared to those without this experience (46%).

A master’s degree pays off

If you have a master’s degree, your first job is more likely to be at a high level. Whether you have followed a research or a regular master’s programme is also relevant. Graduates with a research master’s degree are more likely to become PhD candidates than those who have done a one-year master’s programme.

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Last Modified: 14-10-2016