Sustainable Humanities Internship Fund

The Sustainable Humanities Internship Fund has been set up especially for students at the Faculty of Humanities. The fund provides an allowance for the travel and living expenses that an internship outside of Europe entails.

The Faculty Board has set up the Sustainable Humanities Internship Fund in order to increase the social relevance of the Humanities degree programmes and to improve the job prospects of students of the Humanities.

Aim of the fund
To enable students of the Faculty of Humanities to do an internship in a region outside the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Turkey.

In order to receive a grant you must meet the following requirements: 

1.   You are enrolled as a student at Leiden University, Faculty of Humanities.

2.   You apply for the grant before the start of your internship.

3.   At the time of application, you possess an approved internship outline and a signed contract (i.e. the contract between organization and student).

4.   Your internship will be outside the European Economic Area, or in a country not within the Erasmus+ scholarship programme.

5.   The country or region of your internship has not been assigned one of the following classifications by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: ‘We advise essential travel only’ or ‘We advise against all travel’.

6.    You have not previously received a grant from the Sustainable Humanities Internship Fund during your current degree programme.

7.    You are not applying for Lustra+ for the same purpose.

The grant 
The scholarship consists of a one-time, lump sum of 1,250 euros, regardless of destination and duration of the internship.

Students within the Master African Studies, receive a lump sum of 2,500 euros for their compulsory internship in Africa, regardless of destination and duration of the internship.

Please fill out both the application form as well as the payment request form. Carefully review the instructions on the forms. After completion of the forms you need to mail the forms to internshipfund , together with:

  • the internship outline, signed all parties;

  • the internship contract signed by all parties

After receiving the necessary documents and meeting all requirements, you can expect the scholarship to be transferred to you in 30 days.

Health and Safety
Please read the following guidelines carefully before you go abroad.

Concerning the application: internshipfund or 071-527 6485
Concerning the conditions:

Last Modified: 30-03-2017