Internship abroad, Sjors shares his story

Sjors spent three months at the Economic and Trade Affairs Department of the Dutch Embassy in Argentina. He'd like to share his experience with you!

Living history in Buenos Aires

A year ago I returned to the Netherlands after having spent 6 months doing an internship in the Dominican Republic. The reverse culture shock I experienced was even worse than the one that had hit me upon arrival in Santo Domingo. I decided to take some pressure off and wrote my thesis during the fall semester of last year, while doing extra-curricular Spanish and Portuguese courses on the side. Since I wasn’t sure yet which Master’s program suited me best, I applied for internships and was hired at the Economic and Trade Affairs Department of the Dutch Embassy in Argentina.

The three months I have spent working at the Embassy so far have been very dynamic. Argentina’s history is changing right in front of my eyes with the presidential nomination of Mauricio Macri. The new presidency employs a range of liberal policies and as a result Argentina is now opening up to the world both politically and economically. In our department we notice a steady increase in the number of inquiries from both Dutch and Argentine institutions, companies and individuals wishing to enhance commercials relations.

Next to attending meetings, updating the Embassy’s website and social media and organizing a range of events, I will do individual research on the new business opportunities for the Dutch Creative Industries sector. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been pursuing economic diplomacy for a while, and it’s very fascinating to be right in the middle of it. I’m looking forward to see what the remaining three months here in Buenos Aires will bring!

Sjors Storms, Bachelor International Studies

Last Modified: 23-03-2016