No travel for study purposes to destinations with negative travel advice

BA and MA students intending to travel abroad as a part of their degree programme at the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University (either for study, internship or research/field work) must ensure that their destination meets Leiden University's minimum safety criteria in order to receive credit resulting from their activities abroad.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Advice

Leiden University uses the advice provided by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a basis in determining the safety of a study activity abroad. Those destinations that have a negative travel advisory (or require travel through an area with a negative travel advisory) are ineligible for credit at Leiden. This includes transfer of credits obtained for study at an institution, credit for an internship, and credit for research paper/thesis resulting from research or field work undertaken in an area with a negative travel advice. These destinations are also not eligible for Leiden University scholarships.

A negative travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes areas where the advice is "Avoid all travel" as well as "Avoid Non-essential travel". These are represented by the colors orange and red on the Ministry's website. The Ministry's website can be found here (in Dutch):

In case of doubt or questions, please contact the Humanities International Office:


Last Modified: 16-12-2014