Internship report and ‘final product’

At the end of your internship you are expected to write an internship report. One of the appendices to this report is the final product of the internship assignment you completed during your internship. Writing the internship report forms part of your internship and falls under the internship period. This means that the internship institution should give you time during your internship to conduct your own research and write your internship report.

Content of the internship report

The internship report should include the following components:

  • A description of your internship activities

  • A description of the department and/or organisation

  • A reflection on the learning objectives defined beforehand

  • A reflection on a follow-up study programme (in particular in the case of an internship during the bachelor’s phase) and your future career

  • A reflection on your own knowledge, skills and competences with respect to the labour market

  • A reflection on your personal development

Handing in your internship report

  • Once you have completed your internship report and a report of your research activities, ask your internship supervisor to read these documents.
  • If your internship supervisor agrees with the content, you can hand in your report to your internship lecturer.

  • The final deadline for handing in your internship report is 15 days after the last day of your internship, unless you have made other agreements in your internship plan. Following this period, your report will not be handled (which also means that you will not be awarded any EC credits for your internship), unless the Board of Examiners grants you permission to hand in the internship report later.

  • Your internship lecturer will correct your report within 15 days. If he or she is unable to do so you will be informed of this fact as soon as possible by the internship lecturer.

  • You will be informed of your internship grade in the course of an interview with your internship lecturer. This interview is based on your internship report (including appendices) and the assessment by your internship supervisor of your performance at your workplace. To this end, the internship lecturer completes a standard form on the basis of the information obtained during your final interview at the internship location, and subsequently sends this form to your internship lecturer. The assessment of your performance by your internship supervisor counts towards your final assessment.

Final evaluation and assessment

In order to successfully complete your internship, you must at least obtain a pass for your internship report (including all appendices) and your functioning during the internship. If your lecturer awards you a fail for the internship report, you will be given a single opportunity to revise this component based on your internship lecturer’s feedback. Your grade will be registered as ‘fail’ in uSis. You can revise your report, which then counts as a resit. The second version of your report should be handed in within 15 days. If you are once again awarded a fail or if you fail to hand in the second version in time, you will be awarded a ‘fail’ for your internship.

Once your internship lecturer approves the internship report and assesses your internship, you can hand in your internship report and the completed ‘internship evaluation form (student)’ to SCS. You should also send the final version of your internship report to your internship supervisor at the internship organisation.

Last Modified: 20-07-2016