Important: Ask for permission before you start the internship

Before your internship can start, it first has to be approved by the Board of Examiners of your study programme (or in the case of university minors by the Board of Examiners responsible for the minor in question). The Board of Examiners assesses the suitability of your internship on the basis of your internship plan, which is already signed and approved by the internship lecturer, internship supervisor and internship coordinator.

Note that your internship plan should be submitted to the Board of Examiners in timely fashion. This means that you should hand in the internship plan to the faculty internship coordinator no later than two full weeks before the start of your internship, so that your plan can be submitted for approval to the Board of Examiners no later than two weeks before the intended start date of your internship. The Board of Examiners guarantees that it will reach a decision no later than two weeks after receiving an internship plan. This means that if your internship plan is submitted to the Board of Examiners two weeks before the planned start of your internship you may only hear about the Board’s decision on the planned start day of your internship.

Pay attention: Be in time with your internship plan!

If the Board of Examiners does not approve your internship plan or requests that you modify the plan before starting, you will be facing a problem. This is a risk that falls under your responsibility. The internship can only start once it has been approved by the Board of Examiners. Internship plans that are handed in after the start date of the internship will not be handled.

If the Board of Examiners first rejects your internship plan but then approves it following your revisions the study credits will count from the start date of your internship, on condition that you submit your rewritten internship plan before the start of the internship. If you only hand in your rewritten plan to the Board of Examiners after the start of the internship, the study credits will only start to count from the moment the Board of Examiners approves the internship.

Different deadlines

During holidays and after holiday periods
In principle the deadlines for internships that begin during or after the vacation periods are as follows:

  • For internships that start in July, August and September: the internship plan should be approved by the Board of Examiners before 1 July.

  • For internships that start in January: the internship plan should be approved by the Board of Examiners before 1 December.

In exceptional cases, permission may be granted to deviate from these deadlines.

Last-minute internships
If exceptional circumstances mean that your internship really has to start within two weeks of your obtaining the position, and it is not possible in consultation with your internship institution to shift the start date to a later date, the following procedure applies: 

  • Within two days of finding out that you have been accepted, report the internship, including start and end date, by e-mail to Student Career Service.
  • Within one week of this announcement, hand in the final version of your internship plan to Student Career Service, including all required signatures.

If this procedure is followed correctly, the start date of your internship will remain the same and the EC credits will count from this date onwards. Internship plans that are handed in later will not be handled by the Board of Examiners.

Pay attention: Internship agreement is obligatory!

Before your internship starts, an internship agreement specifying your rights and obligations has to be signed by you, the internship organisation, and the Faculty. If the internship organisation has its own internship agreement, this is the form you should use. 

  • Make sure that the faculty internship coordinator checks your internship agreement first. If the internship organisation does not have its own internship agreement, the Student Career Service will formulate an internship agreement. More information.
  • This agreement can only be signed once the Board of Examiners has approved your internship. The faculty internship coordinator signs the agreement on behalf of the faculty. You should hand in a copy of this agreement, signed by you and your internship supervisor, to Student Career Service.

Next Step

At the end of your internship you are expected to write an internship report.

Last Modified: 08-09-2016