Internship at the Faculty of Humanities; Guidelines for students

These guidelines describe the steps, processes and deadlines you should keep in mind when planning your internship. For specific rules and guidelines for following an internship in the context of your Bachelor’s, Master’s and Research Master’s programme, we refer you to the documents “Regulation for internships as part of Bachelor’s programmes” and “Regulation for internships as part of Master’s and Research Master’s programmes”, to which these guidelines form an appendix.


As part of your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Research Master’s programme you have the option of following an internship. Under the supervision of one of the Faculty’s lecturers (the internship lecturer) and a staff member from your internship organisation (the internship supervisor), you spend some time working for a company or organisation. The work you perform there should be in line with what you have learned as part of your study programme and it should contribute to the work of the internship organisation. In addition, you are required to spend some of your time at the internship organisation conducting your own internship assignment, the results of which are expressed in the final product you agree on beforehand.

The position of the internship within the curriculum depends on your study programme. Please refer to the e-Prospectus or your coordinator of studies.

Finding an internship

Faculty internship coordinator

The Internship coordinators can help you find an internship position and coach you through the job application procedure. They have office hours for which you can make an appointment. They read the first version of your internship plan before it is sent to the Board of Examiners and sign the internship agreement on behalf of the Faculty. They are also the people to whom you hand in your internship report and evaluation at the end of your internship.

Additional programme-related conditions

For some programmes, additional conditions apply with regards to internships. Please check the overview here. If your programme is not on the list, there are no additional conditions other than those of the faculty.

Internship plan

The internship plan describes your internship assignment and all other aspects relating to the internship.

Important: Ask for permission before you start the internship

Before your internship can start, it first has to be approved by the Board of Examiners of your study programme (or in the case of university minors by the Board of Examiners responsible for the minor in question). The Board of Examiners assesses the suitability of your internship on the basis of your internship plan, which is already signed and approved by the internship lecturer, internship supervisor and internship coordinator.

Internship Abroad

You can also choose to follow an internship abroad. Internships abroad are subject to the same requirements and procedures as internships in the Netherlands. In the case of internships abroad, the Faculty places particular emphasis on safety.

Internship report and ‘final product’

At the end of your internship you are expected to write an internship report. One of the appendices to this report is the final product of the internship assignment you completed during your internship. Writing the internship report forms part of your internship and falls under the internship period. This means that the internship institution should give you time during your internship to conduct your own research and write your internship report.

Extension of internship

In the course of your internship you may decide that you would like to extend your internship and that you would like to obtain additional study credits for doing so. In that case you should submit a separate request to this effect to the Board of Examiners.