Start of your studies

Frequently asked questions about the start of your study year and the introduction programme for new students.

Does the department have an introductory programme?

All students of the MA Asian Studies are invited to join our introductory meeting on Thursday, September 8, which starts at 14.00 hrs in Lipsius/019.

More information in the introduction meeting:

Where and when is my first lecture?

Regular classes start in the week of September 12. Depending on the courses you choose and the day and time they are scheduled, your first class will be on one of these dates, unless stated otherwise in the course description or announced at the introductory meeting:

  • Monday, September 12
  • Tuesday, September 13 – 1st meeting common course Introduction to Asian Studies
  • Wednesday, September 14
  • Thursday, September 15
  • Friday, September 16 – 2nd meeting comon course Introduction to Asian Studies

Where do I find more information on the programme and the courses?

You can find more information on the programme on the Asian Studies programme website.

In the e-guide (or e-prospectus) you will find more detailed information on the programme. Click on Master’s programmes and look under “A” for Asian Studies.

How do I get hold of the lecture timetable and where do I find the class rooms?

The time schedules can be found through the department website.

For English speakers there is a translation of the Dutch phrases commonly used in the time table documents.

Most rooms are situated at the Witte Singel Doelen-Complex. Other locations of the University are available on this interactive map.

Is there anything more I need to do to complete my enrolment?

Once your registration with Leiden University is complete and you have received your Student Identity Number, log in name and password, you need to enroll online for all courses (and later for exams) through uSis.

You will also have to enroll for your courses at Blackboard. Please note that uSis and Blackboard are separate systems. They are not connected in any way - uSis is for enrollment in courses and the registration of results. Blackboard is for your communication with lecturer(s) of a specific course, and is used for course purposes such as course assignments, class rosters, announcements by the lecturer and the like.

If you encounter any problems in registering, our secretaries will be able to assist you. You can find them at Matthias de Vrieshof 4, room 112a. email:  

Where can I buy my study books and teaching material?

The books used in the courses can be purchased from regular booksellers. Booksellers in Leiden such as Van Stockum (Breestraat) and Atleest (Kort Rapenburg) usually stock the books mentioned in the course descriptions. Readers can be purchased from the Student Information Desk for Humanities in the Lipsius building.

Does my student association organise any opportunities to get to know other students?

For International students, Leiden has an International Student Network (ISN).

Where do I go for any further information I may need?

Information on the programme is available through the website of the programme and the e-guide. If you still have any questions, please send an email to ms. Margarita Winkel if you are a student of the MA Asian Studies (60 or 120 EC programmes).

You may also refer to the Student Information Desk in the Lipsius building for questions regarding your study, registration in courses, etc.

For questions related to more general issues of registration, housing and other practicalities around your coming to Leiden and Leiden University, please, refer to the of the International Office.

A useful booklet for international students in Leiden is "Finding your way".

Last Modified: 18-07-2016