Crossing Cultures

The group  provides the opportunity to meet other international students, hear about each others' experiences and get some insights and tips on being comfortable in the new culture.

Who can join: International students enrolled in bachelor's or master's courses at Leiden University
Leader: Geraldine O'Connor, International Student Counsellor  

When: : Fridays, 13.30 – 15.00 pm  

Where: ISN-common room, Plexus student centre, Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden.
The entrance is via a small lane running alongside Plexus  


What one student wrote about the group:'Being a new international student in a foreign country was not easy for me. Especially because the grading system and the education system are all totally different from what I knew all my life in Indonesia .  Adjusting has always been an issue in a new environment. With the support from the  group, it was not that hard to merge into the culture and to show the most of my academic performance'

Last Modified: 15-08-2008