Find the clues and join the unique Leiden University Experience Live Event!

In the past months, three beautiful videos on the Leiden University Experience were made by students of our faculty. Now it turns out that they have hidden a clue in every video. These clues lead to the unique Live Event on November 17. And you are invited! If you are able to find them, that is…

Will you find the green suitcase?

In every Leiden University Experience video a faculty-color suitcase appears. This suitcase will give you a clue about the Live Event. Are you a student? Check out the three videos below and send us the three clues.

Be quick, there are only 50 keys available. We hope to see you!


Video 1: A Book’s Life


Video 2: Student City (Time Lapse)


Video 3: Immerse Yourself

Last Modified: 12-11-2015