Alumnivereniging Midden-Oostenstudies

This is the Alumni Association for (former) students Middle Eastern Studies at Leiden University.

Sinds de invoering van de Engelstalige MA hebben wij ook niet Nederlandssprekende alumni. Om ook deze alumni te betrekken bij onze activiteiten is de volgende informatie op de alumni website in het Engels.


For up-to-date information about our activities visit our Facebook website.
Here alumni, students and staff members can post announcements about lectures, meetings and events, but also links to interesting books, articles and websites. The page is also accessible to alumni without a Facebook account.

In the right column of this page, you will find links to the Facebook pages of associations that might be of interest for alumni, e.g. MEISSA, Sheherazade, Turkish Studies, LUCIS and NVIC.

You can also subscribe to the Leiden University Centre for Islam and Society (LUCIS) mailing list. Then you will receive weekly announcements about activities concerning Middle East and Islam organized at Leiden University. You can subscribe for the mailing list via e-mail.

See more information about our upcoming Alumni Day which will be held on Saturday Septembre 14th, 2013.

Executive Committee and Assistance Committee

Executive Committee:
Emine Kaya
Luit Mols
Petra Sijpesteijn
Willem Flinterman
Léon Buskens
Asghar Seyed-Gohrab

Assistance Committee:
Nicolaas Biegman
Geert Jan van Gelder
Petra Stienen
Philip van der Zande

Contact information

Do you want to become a member or receive more information?

Contact Dirry Oostdam via e-mail.
The membership fee for one year is 25,- euros. Please include your contact information, when you studied at Leiden University, and your specialisation upon graduation (Unless you have any objections, we will pass this information on to LUF, who control the alumni information. You can always let LUF know that you do not want to receive certain information)

If you know other persons who might be interested, have them contact us. If you do not have his/her contact information, send us all the information you have via e-mail and we will try to contact him/her.

Last Modified: 04-04-2017