Registration for lectures, tutorials and tests is obligatory

All students in the Faculty of Humanities are obliged to register for all study activities for which they are awarded an official mark.

Use uSis to register for lectures, tutorials, tests, papers, essays and presentations. Registration is obligatory for all compulsory components as well as for study activities taken as part of the optional programme (minor). You do not need to register for the bachelor and master's theses, as these are registered through the student administration.

  • You can register through uSis from July 1 prior to the first meeting of your first semester's lecture or tutorial. It is important that you register in time!
  • Click here for the FAQ of uSis.

Note that first-year, full-time bachelor students are usually registered by their department for courses starting in September. However, they too should check in time whether they have been registered.

Registering for lectures and tutorials

For lectures and tutorials you must also register in time through uSis. Some tutorials have a limited intake and may be full very quickly. If you are not registered for a course, you will not be allowed to sit the final exams for that course.

  • Semester 1: You can register for a lecture or tutorial from July 1 prior to the first meeting until Friday of the second week of class.
  • Semester 2: You can register for a 2nd-semester lecture or tutorial from November 1 prior to the first meeting until Friday of the second week of class.

After that it is no longer possible to register yourself through uSis. If you are late for registration for lectures and tutorials, then you will need the lecturer's permission to register through the student administration for lectures, through the study coordinator for tutorials, and through the Student Information Desk for core-curriculum courses.

Registration for examinations and re-sits

Registration for an examination can take place from July 1 prior to the examinations of the first semester, and from November 1 prior to the examinations of the second semester. Registration for an examination is possible up to 10 days before the examination begins.
If the day of the examination is a Monday, then the Thursday two weeks prior to that Monday is the last day on which you can register.

Late registration for an examination

If you have missed the deadline for registration for an examination or re-sit, you can contact the student administration desk. Late registration is possible up to three days before the examination, until 12 noon sharp. After that you can no longer register for an examination.

Day of the examination

Registration closes


Thursday 12 noon, in the week prior to the examination


Friday 12 noon, in the week prior to the examination


Friday 12 noon, in the week prior to the examination


Monday 12 noon, in the week of the examination


Tuesday 12 noon, in the week of the examination

Withdrawing from an examination

You can withdraw from an examination through uSis until three working days before the examination.

Entry requirements

Some examinations have entry requirements: for instance, you can only participate in an examination if you have successfully completed a preliminary course, or if you have sufficiently participated in the lecture.

These entry requirements are stated in the course descriptions provided in the prospectus. If you fail to meet the entry requirements, your examination will not be marked. Please check in advance whether you are allowed to participate!

Remember to bring personal identification

It is crucial that you bring your student identification card as well as personal identification (valid passport, driving licence or identity card) to the examination. Your ID may be checked.

Admission to re-sits: the rules

When can you resit an examination?

Students are allowed to resit an examination if they have met the following requirements:

  • Students are not allowed to resit examinations that they have passed (article 4.1.6. Course and Examination Regulations). This means that students who have completed a course with a pass cannot resit course components that they have failed.
  • All Course and Examination Regulations can be accessed at Studentportal Humanities.

Confirmation by E-mail?

Students will receive an e-mail confirmation when they register in uSis. When will you receive this confirmation:

  • Once you have registered for one or more activities
  • Once a mark is rewarded

You will also receive a confirmation of registration if you have been registered for an activity by the student administration.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Information Desk, e-mail or call (071) 527 6485 or contact the administration of your department.

Last Modified: 15-09-2015