Procedure Research Master thesis

Research Master Arts and Culture

Registration form
Students who would like to start writing their Thesis have to read the information on this form. They are required to turn in their signed thesis proposal to the Board of Examiners:

Please consult 'Papers and thesis' for more information on the regulations and guidelines concerning the Master's Thesis.

Student Repository

The Student Repository forms an independent part of the Leiden Repository and offers an online archive that makes Leiden University student thesis easily searchable and publicly available (if desired). Students have to fill in the form of consent for the publication of a thesis and hand the form in at the student administration (Huizinga-building/Room 0.01).

More information about the Student Repository


The evaluation form below is used in the grading of the Master’s Thesis. It lists the specific criteria teachers used in the evaluation of your Thesis. As a student you have the right to consult the forms completed by the first reader/supervisor and the second reader. Before the student is assigned a final grade for the Thesis, a personal discussion about the Thesis takes place with the supervisor and second reader to evaluate the research project.

Click here for the evaluation form.

Last Modified: 03-05-2016