Doing An Internship

An internship is the ultimate opportunity to gain work experience during your study. MA students can do an internship as part of their programme for 10 EC.

Throughout the year museums, galleries, and other institutions contact the Art History Department to offer internships with a focus on various artistic disciplines and media. A list of Dutch internship positions can be found here, internships open to non-Dutch speaking students can be found here. If you are interested in a particular internship please contact the institution to enquire and/or make an appointment. Of course you may also organise an internship yourself.

If you decide to enlist for an internship please contact one of the teachers of the Art History department to be your supervisor. Next, contact the internship coordinator Barbara Sumer who will assist you in filling out your MA internship application

Barbara Sumer is also the person to contact if you encounter problems during your internship. You evaluate your internship afterwards by submitting a written report of 1500-2000 words, excluding footnotes, literature and appendices, introduced by an abstract of 300 words maximum. If you need assistance with this report you may consult your supervisor. The report will be assessed by the exam committee before the credits will be given.

More information can be found on the Careers Service website.

Last Modified: 08-02-2013