Student Career Service

The Faculty of Humanities Career Service  helps Humanities students in finding (international) internships and work positions.

Doing An Internship

An internship is the ultimate opportunity to gain work experience during your study. MA students can do an internship as part of their programme for 10 EC.

Stageplaats junior directeur Villa Mondriaan

Altijd al eens een museum willen leiden? Villa Mondriaan biedt twee stages aan als junior directeur. Naast de algemene taken is er een speciale educatie en marketing/communicatie opdracht. Deze stage is geschikt voor Bachelor 3 en MA studenten. Nederlandstalig.

Available Internships

All internships offered to non-Dutch speaking students are listed below. A complete overview of both Dutch and English internships can be found on the Dutch version of this webpage.

Job Offer Dolev Consulting

Dolev Consulting, a research company based in Israel, is looking for an Art History Student (BA/MA/Phd) for a research job in The Hague.