Alumna launches company

Nicole Rouillard, alumna MA Arts and Culture, has launched her own company, named Archphi. It opened its doors on Monday 01 July 2013 at het Schieblock in Rotterdam.

Archphi is operating in a niche and tailoring its services for the design industry with a specific focus on architecture. The primary services are marketing and research, including promotion, public relations, content management, network creation and management, event organisation and topic specific research or data mining. Archphi works in a creative way and gladly facilitates any kind of project or campaign that is required.

Archphi is engaged in bringing people together by brokering interdisciplinary work. This opens opportunities for designers to find new clients, new collaborators and new projects. In addition, Archphi is an internationally oriented company and encourages global working relationships.

By maximising its skills and resources, Archphi saves time and energy for architects and designers so that they can focus on what they are passionate about doing. The main goal of Archphi is to energise the built environment industry and to contribute to its health and future.

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Last Modified: 21-08-2013