Alumna employed at Uniquole and Stedelijk Museum

“I learned a lot during my study about the objects that I now actually see in my work. “

“Although art and art history have always fascinated me, it took some time before I realised that I wanted to work in this field. After completing my bachelor’s in Languages and Cultures of China at Leiden University, I moved to China to gain work experience. It was in Beijing that I really got into the art world. I loved it so much that I decided to focus on this area and to return to Leiden to take a Master’s in Arts and Culture.

Before I could start the master’s, I first had to do a pre-master’s programme. This programme proved to me that applied art and design was the right direction for me. I did a research internship at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, where I had my first opportunity to put my research experience into practice. Another big advantage of this internship was the chance to meet a lot of good contacts: one of these was Uniquole, a project consultancy that organises exhibitions on Dutch applied art and design.

While completing my master’s thesis, I joined the company as art historian and project assistant. I recently started to work at the Stedelijk Museum as research assistant, where I carry out research on different objects in the collection. Both these positions give me every opportunity to apply my research skills. The good work ethic that I acquired during my study, as well as the ability to handle deadlines, are skills that are important assets in my work today.

The Design and Decorate Art Studies programme was a good introduction to the different subjects that form part of my specialist field. I would recommend this master’s to everyone who is interested in applied art and design. There is an immense amount of knowledge available within Leiden University. The excellent training that I received during my study from true specialists taught me a lot about the objects that I am now seeing in my everyday work."

Azinta Plantenga
Art historian and project assistant at Uniquole
Research assistant at the Stedelijk Museum

Last Modified: 16-05-2012