Just graduated?

Bachelor, Master or PhD, on behalf of Leiden University, congratulations! And, unless you are carrying on with a master's degree after completing your bachelor's, you automatically become (after your deregistration) a former student, or alumnus/alumna, of Leiden University.

What now?

So, how does it work? After your deregistration your student details are automatically transferred to the University's alumni database which is managed by the Leiden University Fund. This database contains the address details of all former students (from the old-style doctoral degree to bachelor's, master's and PhD).  Once they have finished their studies, many students move house and in order to keep the database as up to date as possible we would like you to keep us informed of your new address.  You can do this via the change of address page or send an e-mail to hj.wiessing@bb.leidenuniv.nl.  


Leiden University doesn't just want to be a happy memory for alumni, but also aspires to be for them a centre for research and education which is in a process of continuous renewal.   In addition, a large number of events and activities are organised for alumni, from departmental reunions to a major alumni day in February.  And the alumni are not only the University's ambassadors, but also a valuable source of contacts, knowledge and competences with whom the University wants to remain in close contact.

In order to keep all former students up to date with what is going on in their University, the quarterly corporate magazine, Leidraad, is sent to all registered alumni.  They can sign up for the e-mailnieuwsbrief for alumni of Leiden University.  
In addition, this alumni site contains an agenda detailing all the activities of the University, the study programmes, the Leiden University Fund and all the student associations in Leiden.  

Academic Titles

Since little or no distinction is made between HBO and university education  internationally, it is increasingly important to indicate where you have obtained your bachelor's or master's degree.  Leiden University enjoys an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally.  You can be justifiably proud to call yourself a 'Bachelor of Leiden University' or a 'Master of Leiden University' and add this to the title after your name, as is common practice in Anglo-Saxon countries, for example, BA (Leiden University).

Once again, congratulations on achieving your degree.  We hope to see you back again soon, maybe at the annual alumni day in February!

Last Modified: 22-05-2013