The Holland Alumni network

Do you want to be part of an international network of alumni who studied in the Netherlands? The Holland Alumni network - part of the Dutch organization for internationalizing eduction (Nuffic) - offers alumni and students a unique opportunity to stay in touch.

The Holland Alumni network aims to connect Dutch alumni and students. You will be informed about the latest news and trends in your field of interests as well as the job market in the Netherlands. And of course, you get the chance to broaden your network. The network organizes several activities all around the world. Receptions, dinners and other meetings for network purposes are only a few of those activities. The website also contains information about Dutch language courses.

The Holland Alumni network is connected to multiple institutions around the world. You will find the network for instance in Chile, Indonesia and even in Kenia and Russia. Broaden your network and join Holland Alumni!

Please check the Holland Alumni website for more information.

Last Modified: 17-06-2013