Alumni associations

Book Studies 
The alumni association has an annual 'alumni night', excursion and discussion list (Dutch). 

Chinese Studies
The SVS Alumni's goal is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas between students and alumni. Futhermore, it  will facilitate networking. (Webpage is in Dutch.)

Information on alumni activities, the study association ‘Pleyte’ and the annual 'Egyptologendag' is placed on the departmental website: (Dutch)

European Union Studies
Alumni of the Minor and Master(specialisation) of European Union Studies are united in the Leiden European Union Studies Alumni Association

Activities for History alumni are organised by VOGel, the association for History alumni at Leiden University.

Information on alumni activities can be found on the website of the department: (Dutch)
Changes of address can be mailed to: or send it to: Department of Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures, Leiden University, P.O. Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden.

Japanese Studies
Alumnikai is the alumni association of Japanese languages and cultures.
More information: (Dutch)

Art History 
Alumni form Leiden University can become members of the Leidse Kunsthistorische Vereniging (LKV), the magazine Decorum and Stichting Vrienden van het Prentenkabinet.
More information: (Dutch)

Dutch language and culture 
Siegenbeek is the alumni association of the Leiden department of Dutch. 
More information (Dutch)

Practical Studies Management
The 'Vereniging Management Leiden' (VML) is the association for students and alumni. The VML has a magazine called Cultural Management Magazine, they frequently visit companies and hold an annual symposium. More information: (Dutch)

Russian Studies
Vypusknik is the alumni portal for the department of Russian Studies. They offer information on meetings, lectures and new editions of their magazine. More information on Vypusknik is available on (Dutch)

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